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Hi, I'm Salley M O.
I am beginning to get a bit worried. My cea tumor went from 8.8 in August to 38.6 in September. I pray the ct scans were correct and I don't have cancer any place else in the body.
  • Mon Sep 20, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Sunny
I need to say" God did not and will never give us our cancer. He played no part in it. He does however, if you believe, gives you the strength to fight. The courage to want to fight. We all have " ...
  • 13 minutes ago · Like4
Hi, I'm SUSAN M G.
Hi. I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer about a year ago. I have been through the genetics testing, the full body scans, you name it and I have been pricked and prodded!! While my...
  • Wed Sep 22, 2021 · Like3
Hi, I'm Nancy T
I looked this up online and I think it stands for Eosinophils - one type of white blood cell. Mine have also been high most every week. It is due to the cancer your body is fighting. It can go l...
  • Fri Sep 17, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Susan B
I was diagnosed with ET in 2017 after my having labs done with my PCP and he sent me to a hematologist. I then had a bone marrow biopsy which showed I have the JAK2 gene mutation. I was on Aspiri...
  • Wed Sep 15, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Kim Shim
I’ve heard that topical medical marijuana helps.
  • Mon Sep 6, 2021 · Like3
Hi, I'm Matt
This is probably too late, but I had a gleason score of 4-3 and went with brachytherapy, with no other treatment, roughly 12 years ago. About 10 months ago, my PSA took a jump from 0.75 to 1.50. It...
  • Mon Sep 6, 2021 · Like1
Hi, I'm PJ
I'm a survivor of breast cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and recently self-published a book entitled, MY TRAVELS with the BIG C and a CLINICAL TRIAL that CHANGED my L...
  • Wed Sep 1, 2021 · Like1
Hi, I'm Kendra Arthur
Hello, I’m the Community Assistant for Navigating Care. Thank you for joining our Community and engaging in some of our discussions. I have to inform you that your recent post in the "How Good Is...
  • Thu Aug 19, 2021 ·
Do not feel like you are the only one! I definitely have felt like a nuisance during treatment last year. Always hesitate for questions to follow up knowing how they will be received. My general pr...
  • Wed Aug 18, 2021 · Like1