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Treating Hypopharyngeal Cancer

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New to keytruda
I'm Pat Timmeny, and I'm a survivor of Stage 4 Bladder Cancer
On Keytruda for urothelial cell cancer with mets to bone and liver. Did chemo first. Have been on Keytruda for 3 1/2 months. My hair started thinning out when I first started Keytruda but that could have been from chemo ( never lost hair during chemo). I have moderate pain around upper abdomen and back that I just try to ignore. I take a medical marijuana “gummy” (very low dose) at night and s…   Read more…

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Hypopharyngeal Cancer Community Resources

Created Jul 30, 2020 in Buck Cancer Foundation's resources · Like2
You will find over 2,500 reputable online resource links that you can search with regards to types of cancers, conventional and complementary treatments.
Created Mar 2, 2021 in julie grimm's resources · Like2
THE CANCER PLANNER will help you and your caregivers navigate your journey, organize the chaos and prepare for appointments and treatments. Just your specific details will be recorded and easily ac... more
Created Jul 19, 2021 in KEVIN S R.'s resources · Like1
Use for all labs

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