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Anyone seeing success with TVEC injections with Keytruda for melanoma?

Hi, I'm CathyO

I have Stage 3C unresectable melanoma – I did 5 infusions of Keytruda after having 4 surgeries and I had more tumors popping up in my upper left thigh/groin are. I now receive TVEC injections into the tumors in conjunction with the Keytruda infusions – I have had 5 injections to date – some of the tumors are dying off while new ones continue to resurface. Anyone else out there undergoing this same/similar therapy? What have been your results?

Thanks for any thoughts or stories about your experience!

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  • Sat Feb 10, 2018
I'm bcbcbc55, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma

I am stage 3B, have not had Keytruda just Yervoy or Ipi. Two surgeries Had too many side effects from immunotherapy, had to stop. Good luck

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  • Mon Jun 25, 2018
Hi, I'm William G S.

I had reached stage 4 , and after 5 surgeries and they kept spreading my oncologist tried yervoy without any success. He then put me on the keytruda even stil it kept spreading. I had learned about the Imlygic drug that you are on. After about 4months of the injections and the keytruda they stared to go away. By 8 months they had all gone away. They kept me on the keytruda for a few more months after that but the side effects became to much to handle so I was taken off of it to deal with the muscle , joint and nerve pain. It has now been 1 year and my last petscan was clear.

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  • Mon Aug 6, 2018
Hi, I'm Fiona C S.

I am Stage IV and am currently on Keytruda. The plan is to add in the T-VEC injections and should start radiation soon. I’ve had two infusions of the Keytruda so far and I am noticing most of my tumors have shrunk considerably. I have noticed a couple new tumors pop up as well. My oncologist and the Melanoma Specialist had told me that I may see more show up and or the current tumors worsen before improving with treatment and that it takes several months to see a change typically. I’m not sure if that is comforting or not. I previously had stage 1b-2a over 10 years ago and was “cured” with surgery (sentinel node biopsy was negative ). This time it came back very advanced and surgery isn’t an option. It is in my lymph nodes, adrenal glands and right lower lung along with multiple superficial tumors on my neck, arm, chest, abdomen, groin and thigh.

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  • Mon Oct 1, 2018
I'm bcbcbc55, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma


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  • Thu Nov 8, 2018

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