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Hi, I'm Grandy

22 years ago I was diagnosed with spindle cell melanoma uvea left eye. I had thermal laser ablation 6 treatments and then proton beam radiation. Then another laser ablation after the radiation. 8 years later an enucleation or removal of my eye, which removed the encapsulated melanoma. January 26 th I had a biopsy of a mass in the pleural space of my left lung. Metastatic melanoma. Here we go again! I’m new to this forum. Anyone out there know anything good?

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  • Tue Feb 6, 2018
Hi, I'm LAWRENCE L L with stage 4 melanoma

Yes, the latest immunotherapy treatments have a relatively high survival rate. I had a combination immunotherapy treatment about a year ago and still stable. (metastatic – or stage 4 – melanoma in my lungs). Combination was Yervoy and Opdiva

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  • Sun Feb 11, 2018
I'm bcbcbc55, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma

I had 4 immunotherapy treatments of yervoy or ipi. Had to stop because of side effects. Stage 3b

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  • Mon Jun 25, 2018
Hi, I'm LAWRENCE L L with stage 4 melanoma

Ditto with side effects but with yervoy/opdiva combo-immunotherapy. I’m stage 4, lungs, and had only 2 out of the 4 standard initial infusions (due to side affects) but am still stable 2yrs later

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  • Sun Jul 1, 2018

I’m 35yrs old stage 4 with spots in my lungs with one outlier on my hip started off on braf inhibitors 4 1/2 yrs ago which gave me 78% tumor reduction before the tumor on my left hilar lymph node began to grow. during that time I had zero side effects and worked full time 50+ hrs a week in landscaping. Just starting yervoy/opdivo immunotherapy and so far only side effects are slight occasional joint pain. If you have the braf mutation I would go for the braftovi/mektovi which are pills that were just approved by the FDA a few months ago. I started treatment while it was still in trials so I can’t speak to cost but I heard that they can be pretty costly but again I had zero side effects and the only caveat is that you have to time when you take the pills and when you eat your meals as you can’t eat anything 2hrs prior and 1 hr after you take the pills. I wish you the very best!

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  • Sun May 5, 2019

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