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Hi, I'm stillhere

Thank god I found a doctor who is up to date on treatments for stage IV melanoma I have been on KEYTRUDA for I think 3 years now, when I was put on it I had it on my liver tumors in my lungs .under my arm and above my bellybutton and it was like magic slowly but surely poof they were gone , no cure for stage IV melanoma been fighting it for around six years ,in remission right now hope it stays that way, but I know there is no predicting melanoma its a nasty monster that hides in your body and raises its ugly head wherever and whenever it wants to, they are keeping me alive longer with this drug and ,this Iam thankful for.I except whats going to happen to me .Im at peace with it, and hell who knows their might be a cure closer than we think. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE !!!!!!

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  • Wed Dec 20, 2017
Hi, I'm LAWRENCE L L with stage 4 melanoma


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  • Sat Dec 23, 2017

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