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Radiation treatment/side effects


I didn’t get to ring a bell when I was done with chemotherapy either. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I did chemotherapy then radiation I had 20 rounds of radiation. Once done my results came back from the genetic testing showing I am BRCA positive. I then had a bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction . This all started January 2020.

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  • Mon Aug 2, 2021

can anyone tell me how long it takes for you to get a full head of hair back after months of chemo and 16 rounds of radiation. I got to ring bell, that meant so much to me. finished radiation end of June, my breast
were painful and turned very black, starting to peel now, and I think in a couple of weeks, It will look normal. but I’m still having pain in it, how long does the pain last?

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  • Wed Aug 4, 2021
Hi, I'm Betti

Everyone gets their hair back at different times. Mine started returning a week or so after my last infusion, had enough hair 9 months later to get a nice hair cut. It temporarily came back a different color and texture but then went back to the way it was prior to chem.

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  • Wed Aug 4, 2021

There is some aloe at walmart you can put on every night for like 1 month. I just got an aloe leaf and sliced it in half and rubbed it on my neck. it was sticky and it smelled but I just left it on as long as I could. But yeah your skin still wont be 100% but it should be better after. a couple of months.

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  • Sun Aug 8, 2021

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