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Textcontent Ready for Recovery Cancer Treatment Planners

Created Mar 2, 2021, filed in All Journey Phases, All Cancer Types
THE CANCER PLANNER will help you and your caregivers navigate your journey, organize the chaos and prepare for appointments and treatments. Just your specific details will be recorded and easily accessible at all times. Designed by survivors for survivors the planner includes invaluable information on how to take care of yourself from those that have been there. This tool will ground, nurture & support you – every step of the way!
• Specific Sections for recording treatment details – from diagnosis through survivorship
• Questions to Ask your Doctors
• Basic Terminology for easy reference
• Logs & Charts for tracking progress & side effects
• Inspirational & Uplifting Quotes to support & inspire along the way
• A Year of Undated Calendar Pages to help coordinated personal & medical appointments in ONE place
• Invaluable Hints from those that have been through the process & learned from their mistakes
• Extra Pages for notes & questions in each section
and so Much More…
Having your details organized & easily accessible will alleviate fear & confusion so you can be
grounded & focused on HEALING. This tool will ground, nurture & support you – every step of the way!

The Cancer Treatment Planner

Hi, I'm julie grimm

This tool was soooooo helpful!! I couldn’t have done it without it. All of my info was organized and I was prepared. I felt really on top of it having everything in one place and with me all of the time. It was easy to look back at when I was confused or couldn’t remember something. It really was a wonderful aid that helped me through the whole process. I would highly recommend it!

  • Tue Mar 2, 2021
I'm Nancy Baez, and I'm a healthcare professional

Who has these planners? Where can we get them for our patients???

Nancy Baez, RMA

  • Thu Mar 4, 2021
Hi, I'm Kimberly A G.

Kimberly Gibbs here!

Q: will the planners include appointments outside of OCSRI? EXAMPLES: acupuncture, massage, Neuropathy treatments and so on.

Q: is this new or just rebranded? I know we have discussed palliative Care in the patient advisory meetings and the stigma the title has. When indeed they offer support of our journey!

Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Thu Mar 11, 2021
Hi, I'm Deborah B.

Where can I get the planner from?

  • Thu Mar 25, 2021
Hi, I'm Pasquale S.

Is there a link to the Cancer Planner? Where can this be accessed?

  • Wed Aug 11, 2021
Hi, I'm Allen

Guess not.

  • Sun Aug 15, 2021
Hi, I'm Charles T G.

How do we get this planner?

  • Sun Aug 22, 2021
Hi, I'm ROSA P.

You can google Cancer Planner and they will show up in there for you to buy it. There are different types of planners for you to choose. This is one of many links:

  • Wed Oct 20, 2021